Monday, November 18, 2019

Best 9 Star Wars cross stitch kits and patterns

Star Wars fans around the world look forward to an upcoming release of The Rise of Skywalker, a film closing the awesome sequel trilogy of the timeless space opera. Episode IX is really the talk of the town as it’s raising a bunch of questions as to the implication in its title and the mystery behind Rey’s black Sith robe along with the double-bladed lightsaber unveiled in a recent teaser.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Nice Star Wars patterns for cross stitching before new episode release

I’m a big fan of the Star Wars saga and look forward to the upcoming release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi episode. I’ve been surfing the web for Star Wars themed handcraft ideas and came across these remarkable cross stitch patterns. Check them out and you’ll absolutely love them:

Friday, September 16, 2016

From Eat-in-Kitchen to Coffee Nook

Hey! Today I wanted to share another of our
home improvement projects.
Most older homes have both an eat in kitchen or breakfast nook 
AND a formal dining room.
However we decided that we wanted to make the "formal" dining room
our everyday dining room, so that left this little spot without a purpose.

My husband and I just love coffee, and our kitchen has limited space,
so I decided to make a little coffee nook!

I found those two cozy chairs at a consignment shop in town, 
and Ryan built the little bistro table.

We have coffee here almost every morning.
It's really beautiful with the morning light coming in the windows.
We framed out those windows in Farmhouse style
and also updated the paint on the walls, with Kilim Beige from Lowe's.
Ryan built the light fixture, and I love the country feel it provides.

 These little shelving units were perfect
for our coffee makers and mug collection.

It's such a cozy little spot and a very functional space for us.
So I'm curious - do you have family meals in your breakfast nook
or in a formal dining room?
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Painted Coop

I had so much fun painting this coop this weekend!
I imagine in the winter it will be a nice pop of color.
 I found this quote in How to Be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy.

If you haven't discovered that book, I highly recommend it :)
Since our farm's name is Starry Fields, 
all of the flowers are star shaped. 

Hope you had a good weekend!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Two Lives Linked: A Modern Wedding Ring Quilt

Last year two of our dear friends got married.
The bride has modern taste, but also loves
the country.  She's an architect, so I knew
she would appreciate something structural.
I found the inspiration for this quilt on Pinterest,
but it was very small (about 9"x9" I think).
So I created my own design on a much larger
scale.  I imagined zooming in on a Double Wedding Ring
and cropping it so that you only see two of the rings linked together.
Does that make sense?

Then I backed it with that gorgeous arrow
tapestry from Urban Outfitters!

Before I bound it I embroidered their names, wedding date,
and one of the arrows from the back.

I hand-quilted it in straight lines, using pearl cotton.
I also quilted around each of the arcs.
Then I bound it with some scrappy binding I made.


For my first quilt design it actually went fairly smoothly.
I didn't save a pattern, but if y'all are interested I may
think of whipping one up.
I kind of want one for myself ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Farmhouse Fireplace Renovation

About three months ago, we bought a farmhouse on 20 acres.
We love the land, and the house, but the interior design didn't match
the exterior.  It was all farmhouse on the outside, formal on the inside.
We've been doing some renovations and redesign, and this fireplace
was the first thing we did!
About an hour after we closed on our home, 
Ryan started ripping this facade off the wall.
(we were kind of excited to have our own place)
We updated the brass by unscrewing it from the fireplace
and spray painting  it with black high-heat spray paint.
Then, Ryan built the white frame and screwed the stained wood mantel piece on top.

We attached it to the wall and began shiplapping
at the mantel until we were about 2" from the ceiling.
We then added a 1x2 and a 1x3 for trim at the top.
I caulked the spaces between the trim pieces and painted it white.
We think it made a huge difference!!

Oh let's see them again side by side:

I promise it's the same fireplace ;)
All that slate tile was hidden underneath the wood - yay!
More reno projects to come, we've been busy!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Reverse Applique Football T

It's football season y'all!
So today I lit a pumpkin spice candle, turned on the game, 
and whipped up this little t-shirt for Charlotte!

Y'all, I am so in love with reverse applique.
It's like regular applique but faster and easier and...reverse.

I'm gonna make one for my other two kiddos too! and maybe myself!
You know you want to try it out - keep reading for the tutorial!

jersey knit material (or an old t-shirt you can cut up)
embroidery floss

Step 1:
Trace your pattern onto the shirt.
I used cookie cutters, but you could also print something
out that you find online.  This will be the line that you sew along.
Step 2:
Place your colors of knit under your design.
You can either just pin it in place, or use a little
craft glue to baste it.

Step 3:
Sew along the design that you traced with embroidery floss.
You can just use a running stitch.
(be careful to only sew two layers, not the back of the shirt!)
Step 4:
Now carefully separate the top layer from the bottom layer
and make a small slit with your scissors in the top layer.
I highly recommend a pair of tiny applique scissors for this,
but you can use regular fabric scissors in a pinch.

Step 5:
Now slide your scissors in sideways and begin to cut away
the top layer of t-shirt, revealing the color beneath.
This is the most fun step!!

Step 6:
Turn the shirt inside out cut the excess around the edges -
this is most important if your t-shirt is white.

And you just repeat those steps for the football!
I love this heart-shaped one for the girls,
but I'll do a regular shaped one for Hunter's.
I think she liked it!

Happy Football Season!