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Welcome to Sew Homegrown! I’m Jessica, and I’d love to introduce you to my very own creative universe. This little blog reflects my strong passion for sewing, crafting, decorating, remodeling, rug making, healthy living, farming, and the art of homemaking (yes, I believe homemaking is an art). I’m inspired first and foremost by my lovely family, the beauty in everyday things, and my current lifestyle that stretches my personal horizons way beyond mundanity.

My family and I have lived around the world. We took our most distant journey back in 2011 as we moved to Japan after my husband Ryan graduated from naval officer training. Living on a US Naval Base amidst spectacular oriental scenery was an unforgettable experience combined with nostalgic sentiments that made me realize how much I missed home.

In 2016, we moved back to America and bought a farmhouse on 20 acres in a picturesque place in Kentucky. We dubbed it Starry Fields Farm, and it has since become a much-coveted family nest for me, Ryan, and our three kids. We planted a garden, got ourselves a handful of domestic animals, did a few renovations on our house, and are living a happy life full of farming adventures, new hobbies, and creativity.

I’m not sure if people blog anymore, but I have a knack for writing. It helps me stay creative and keep my mind fit. Sew Homegrown is a great way to share my skills, ideas, sewing tips, and new crafting findings with like-minded folks. I hope this site will inspire you to create stylish accessories and decorate your home with awesome DIY stuff: cozy quilts, letter pillows, wreaths, vintage rugs – you name it. You might also discover things that will help you nourish and educate your family, from recipes for delicious meals to food playsets and cute bunny pencil pouches your kids will definitely adore.

As time went by, we repurposed a part of our farm to grow cut flowers in a greenhouse made of recycled windows. We’re hosting on-farm workshops, garden-style wedding ceremonies, photo shoots, and flower cutting sessions here.

When I’m not farming and nurturing our beautiful flowers, I enjoy writing sewing and crafting tutorials. I review things that help both wannabe and skilled crafters improve their workspace, including sewing chairs, lights, craft desks, and embroidery machines. You’ll also find descriptions of my favorite cross stitch kits that help create handmade decor or heartwarming gifts for your sweethearts.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’re inspired to make your world a bit more creative and beautiful. Stay tuned for updates.


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