{DIY}The Fat Quarter Infinity Scarf

**I've recently started blogging again! Come see what I've been up to: click here** Meet my newest cold weather accessory - the fat quarter infinity scarf. I really really love infinity scarves. You know why? They're easy. Easy to make, easy to wear.  What more could you ask for?  I ...

Built for a Quilt

Here's what my hubby did over this long weekend. He found the wood in our yard and stripped the bark off - then made this ladder to display our family quilts. Top quilt: spider web design made by my great-great grandmother, garden wall quilt made by me, checkerboard hearts quilt made by my ...

Master Bedroom Reveal

This was done on a teeny tiny shoestring.  I only spent about $100.00 on accessories to complete my look - including things like a sidetable, lamps, votives, planter, aluminum bin, etc.  I had already made the window treatments and quilt,  I just worked on finishing touches.  I am really happy with ...

Things that make me happy

Happy Friday everyone! You must drool over this gorgeous quilt made by Jacquie over at sewmamasew.com. Wow-I love the selvage thing - mom wouldn't this be a perfect design for you to use? She has been saving selvages for quite some time now. Anyway, this is amazing. Selvage Quilt by Jacquie ...

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