How to Make a Lap Quilt?

Before Beginning... Carefully read the instructions before starting the project Pre-wash and press all fabrics before cutting. This will avoid any shrinkage when laundering the finished quilt and will remove any excess dyes Replace any fabrics that continue to bleed after washing All ...

Built for a Quilt

Here's what my hubby did over this long weekend. He found the wood in our yard and stripped the bark off - then made this ladder to display our family quilts. Top quilt: spider web design made by my great-great grandmother, garden wall quilt made by me, checkerboard hearts quilt made by my ...

Master Bedroom Reveal

This was done on a teeny tiny shoestring.  I only spent about $100.00 on accessories to complete my look - including things like a sidetable, lamps, votives, planter, aluminum bin, etc.  I had already made the window treatments and quilt,  I just worked on finishing touches.  I am really happy with ...

Things that make me happy

Happy Friday everyone! You must drool over this gorgeous quilt made by Jacquie over at sewmamasew.com. Wow - I love the selvage thing - mom wouldn't this be a perfect design for you to use? She has been saving selvages for quite some time now. Anyway, this is amazing. Selvage Quilt by Jacquie ...

Sew Homegrown