How to Make a Lap Quilt?

Before Beginning... Carefully read the instructions before starting the project Pre-wash and press all fabrics before cutting. This will avoid any shrinkage when laundering the finished quilt and will remove any excess dyes Replace any fabrics that continue to bleed after washing All ...

Free Grapes Embroidery Designs

Stitch the pretty Mediterranean-style towel in a traditional grapevine design in earthy tones using both cross stitch and counted thread techniques – the towel is enhanced with optional drawn thread bands and a self-fabric fringe. The materials list below is enough to make two towels, or for a ...

How to Make a Pin Cushion?

Whether the spring is blooming or the winter is chilling, make this buityful Sping Flowers Pin Cushion to cherish the inevitable return of life after the fall. This piece is a counted thread design and is to be made using cross stitch and straight stitch. The Spring Flowers Project uses a ...

Home Sentiment Pillow

In this project we customize the common home theme for traditional embroidery. This lovely embroidery may have various uses. I would put it on the pillow and place on my favorite piece of furniture like an armchair where I am relaxing during long winter evenings. It would be also a perfect present ...

How to Make Sharpie Mugs?

I’ve seen this Pin for a while now. I’ve seen so many ways to get it to work. Most say that it can’t be done with normal Sharpies. Well, guess what, I did just that. Stick around and I’ll share. As Seen on Pinterest: Sharpie Mugs (that work with regular Sharpies!) Supplies First things ...

How to create Fabric Hairbow

As much as I craft you would think I could make a decent ribbon hairbow.  But the thing is - I really stink at making ribbon hairbows.  I just can't seem to get it right - even when I follow really great tutorials.  So instead, I dug through my fabric stash and created this little bow. I love ...

Sew by Number

Hey!  Well, I've been changing things up a bit around here.  A new look and a new sense of organization.  Now all of my posts will fit into one of four categories - which you can browse using the tabs beneath my header. Decorate. Create. Educate. Nourish.We have decided to homeschool in the fall - ...

{DIY} The Letter Pillow

Today's post is brought to you by... the letter L! I mentioned it in my last post - our baby girl's name is going to be Lila. Lila Marian to be exact (Marian is my grandmothers name). Do you remember on the TV show Friends, when Rachel has her baby Emma, they have a large letter E hanging on ...

Sew Homegrown