Friday, July 8, 2011

The "Too Hot To Shop Shirt"

Need to boost your wardrobe, but really don't feel like loading up the kids and heading to the store?
Grab a box of popsicles for your little ones and whip this shirt up in under an hour.

It's basically a pillowcase dress turned into a shirt.
Before you turn your nose up at that - look at this shirt for sale at Anthropologie.
So I basically copied that, but when I finished I wasn't happy with the way it was hanging.  I added the band around the bottom, and made it fit snugly over my hips.  You could make it with or without that step.
Here's what you'll need to make your own:
1 yard of fabric
5" x 45" of contrasting fabric (or wide ribbon) for straps
4" x the circumference of your hips for the bottom band
sewing machine/thread
measuring tape

Step 1:  Cut two rectangles - the desired length x your bust measurement +10".  
My rectangles were 19" x 46".

Step 2:  Turn them right sides together and zig zag or serge the sideseams, 
stopping about 8" from the top (to provide armholes).

Step 3: Finish the armhole edges by folding the raw edge under 1/8" then under 1/8" again.  
Topstitch it in place.

Step 4:  Make the casing for the straps - fold the top under 1/4" then again 1 1/2".  Press it, then top stitch it in place.  If you are not adding the strip along the bottom, hem your top by pressing the bottom edge under 1/4" then another 1/4".  Top stitch in place.

Step 5:  If you are making the band around the bottom, you will need to take in the sideseam.  Measure your hip circumference - mine is 39" - flip it inside out and mark that measurement along the bottom of the shirt.  Sew from the armhole down to your mark - like this:

Step 6:  Make the straps - ribbon is the easy route here, but if you want to use fabric simply fold the strip right sides together length wise and stitch down the length then turn and press.

Use a large safety pin to feed it through the casing.  Stitch the ends together, then hide that seam in the casing.
I didn't want the straps sliding all around, so once I had the straps to the right length I stitched them in place.

Step 7:  If you are adding the band, sew it to the bottom of the shirt right sides together.
Press it, then hem the bottom.

I know it looks like a pillowcase dress hanging there - but especially with that band around the bottom - it doesn't look like that once you have it on.

Happy sewing and happy weekend!

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