Strawberry Shortclip

I really love making little hairclips.  Especially out of felt.  Charlotte has one for every season.  Two of the clips I've made have been from tutorials on the Purl Bee:  flower barrettes and heart barrettes. I really love their method of assembling the clip. So here's my own clip - using ...

Simple Fruit Galette

My mom and sister are visiting this weekend, and Saturday night after we enjoyed some Chicken and Dumplings we were in the mood for something sweet. I had a refrigerated Pilsbury Pie Crust in the frig (those are THE BEST pre-made pie crusts) - so I whipped this simple galettte.  It was delicious! ...

Backyard Apple Butter

It's the first of September and so I feel I can comfortably say HAPPY FALL!!!! (I know for my Florida readers that is a bit of a stretch ;) So, in celebration of fall I am sharing my Backyard Apple Butter recipe.  This recipe is easy and delicious and pretty close to fool proof.  With the ...

Simple and delicious

Blackberry cobbler! Mix 2 cups of blackberries with 1 cup of sugar. Melt 1/2 cup of butter in a deep baking dish. 1 cup of sugar 3/4 cup of flour 3/4 cup of milk 2 teaspoons of baking powder Pinch of salt Mix the rest of the ingredients in a bowl to form a batter. Pour the batter ...

How to slice a mango

Mmmmmmmmmangoes :) Another lovely summer treat. Not just delicious- so good for you too! Did you know they contain: phenols- antioxidants high levels of iron papain - a digestive aid magnesium potassium Yesterday we bought some at the store- 10 for $10. But, have you ever ...

Summer Skin Care

Today we are going to discuss skincare strategies for summertime and beach-going. Your skin is your largest organ and it is SO important to take care of it - and to put quality products on it, not products that will clog your pores. Since your skin is the first thing a massage therapist treats, it ...

Cherry Galette

Cherry galette Okay so I have 9 days left in the house and I am packing all day long...but a girl's gotta satisfy her sweet tooth! That is why I used the cheater method to make this yummy dessert. Ingredients 1 frozen pie crust 1 bag frozen dark sweet cherries 2 tsp lemon juice ...

Sew Homegrown