{DIY} Simple Embellished Grocery Bag…or beach bag…

In case you’re feeling intimidated by Friday’s post – this is a really easy, fun way to make your grocery bags your own.

Those reusable bags you can buy at walmart, target, etc are usually really cheap and all of the hard work is done for you!  So this is how I embellished one of mine.

Step 1:  Cut out a whole bunch of circles from your scrap pile (great scrap buster!), and arrange them by color.  I traced a spool of thread to get my circles.  Pin them onto the blank side of your bought bag.

Step 2:  Set your zig-zag stitch length to .5, so that it will just go back and forth, creating a tack.  Tack all of the circles on, just move from circle to circle without bothering to cut the thread until you are finished with that row.  I know this is a pain, but go ahead and change the color of your thread (not the bobbin) depending on which colors you are sewing.  It really doesn’t take that long, and makes it look much better.

Cut the threads on the front that are running in between the circles.

I left them on the back for extra stability.

Step 3:  Lay out some fabrics on the back, to cover the words on the bag.


I sewed the strip to the top of the fabric, right sides together.

Then, layout a magazine and your phone(this really makes it more of a beach bag situation)

Pin around these items, creating a large pocket and a small pocket.  Top stitch them on.

Now you’re ready to go anywhere.

Woo hoo!   Now grocery shopping might be that much more fun.  OR like I said, you could stock it with beach stuff and head out for some relaxation.
Sounds good to me.  Hope ya’ll had a great weekend.
Shannon has something great for you tomorrow….stay tuned!!!

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