Delectable Apple Crisp

Last night I made this apple crisp - it's kind of a mish mash of several recipes, but it turned out great so I wrote down what I did and decided to share (yeah the pic is not great because I had already started eating it then ran into the kitchen to snap a pic before I gobbled it all up).  ...

Simple Fruit Galette

My mom and sister are visiting this weekend, and Saturday night after we enjoyed some Chicken and Dumplings we were in the mood for something sweet. I had a refrigerated Pilsbury Pie Crust in the frig (those are THE BEST pre-made pie crusts) - so I whipped this simple galettte.  It was delicious! ...

Fall Supper

This is what I made last night: Apple Butternut Squash Soup and Chicken Salad Sandwiches. It was really hearty and yummy!  The spices in the soup are curry, cardamom, and mace - well all I had was curry so I added a little bit of ground cloves instead of the cardamom and mace.  You could ...

Apple Biscuits

This is a third generation recipe from my husband's side of the family.  Many of them live in the northwest, where apples are prevalent, and so they have lots of wonderful apple recipes.  This is one of my husband's favs and Charlotte and I love it too!  It's simple, and perfect for this time of ...

Backyard Apple Butter

It's the first of September and so I feel I can comfortably say HAPPY FALL!!!! (I know for my Florida readers that is a bit of a stretch ;) So, in celebration of fall I am sharing my Backyard Apple Butter recipe.  This recipe is easy and delicious and pretty close to fool proof.  With the ...

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