My Top 12 Ways Moving to Japan is like Having a Baby

12. Everyone gives you advice about everything.

11. You must haul around a lot of extra luggage.

10. Upon arrival, you are exhausted.
9. Everything is much smaller.

8. You lose days of sleep.

7. There’s a serious language barrier.

6. You are easily disoriented.

5. Everyone wants to come visit you.

4. You start to shop online – a lot.
3.There’s a learning curve.

2. No one can imagine what it’s like until they’ve done it.

1. It’s really scary and totally unknown – but definitely worth it.

Here is a picture of us visiting the Great Buddah at Kamakura. Only about 20 minutes from our house. It is probably the coolest thing we’ve seen since we’ve been here, and I think it’s the oldest thing I’ve ever seen. They started building it in the 1200’s! Hope you’re all doing well! I’m starting to get excited about Cherry Blossom time here – more to come on that later!



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