Painted Coop

I had so much fun painting this coop this weekend! I imagine in the winter it will be a nice pop of color. I found this quote in How to Be a Wildflower by Katie Daisy. If you haven't discovered that book, I highly recommend it :) Since our farm's name is Starry Fields, all of the flowers are ...

Decorating for the Seasons

So....guess what decorations are still up in my house.  St. Patricks?  nope.  Valentine's Day?  nope. Snowy wintry snowman?  nope. Christmas. That's right.  Christmas.  I would like to tell you that I forgot to take it down because it was adorning some out-of-the-way corner - but it's not true.  ...

DIY Anthropologie-inspired Handbag

Last week I did this tutorial as a guest post on Just Chic. I thought I would post it here too in case you missed it! A Bouquet for Every Day It's a sweet little bag that will make you feel as though you are carrying a lovely bouquet of roses with you everywhere you go!  I was inspired by this ...

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