Apple Biscuits

This is a third generation recipe from my husband's side of the family.  Many of them live in the northwest, where apples are prevalent, and so they have lots of wonderful apple recipes.  This is one of my husband's favs and Charlotte and I love it too!  It's simple, and perfect for this time of ...

Cozy Woodland Snuggle Quilt

I told you that I was going to redecorate Charlotte's room woodland style - in light of her recent party. Here is my first step: this easy snuggle-size quilt. Even if you have never quilted before - this project is simple and quick to make (it took me about two days). You could ...

Backyard Apple Butter

It's the first of September and so I feel I can comfortably say HAPPY FALL!!!! (I know for my Florida readers that is a bit of a stretch ;) So, in celebration of fall I am sharing my Backyard Apple Butter recipe.  This recipe is easy and delicious and pretty close to fool proof.  With the ...

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