Sheepishly Fun – kid’s craft

Yesterday Charlotte had a friend over and we made these little sheep.

They’re pretty goofy looking, but they were fun to make and the girls love the fluffiness factor.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • a plastic egg
  • black pipe cleaner
  • polyfil
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • hot glue gun – mommy or daddy use only!

  • Step 1:  Prepare all of the pipe cleaner pieces – do this before you call the kids, unless your kids are older and can do it themselves.  Cut one piece of pipecleaner in half.  Fold both of the ends to the middle and twist.

    This piece will be the sheep ears.  Lay it on the smaller side of the egg like this:

    Then close the egg.  You will have to work with it, but it WILL close.
    Put a little piece of tape across the seam so that it will stay closed.
    Take the other half of the pipecleaner and twist it to make the face.  Bend it in half:

    Then bend one side out and loop it back to the center.

    Repeat with the other side and bend the ends to keep it in place.

    Lastly make four little loops for the legs, and one tiny loop for the tail.
  • Step 2:  Okay – now it’s the kid’s turn.  Squirt some glue onto a plate and let them use their fingers (or a paintbrush) to smear it all over the egg.

    Then take the fluff, and stick it all over the egg.
    Yes this is really messy and you will have fluff all over your hands (and maybe in your hair).

    Set those aside to dry.
  • Step 3:  On the faces, squeeze some glue onto the loops and stick the googly eyes on.

    Let that dry too.
  • Step 4:  Once all of those pieces are dry – the adult should heat up the hot glue gun.
    Put a dab on his bum and stick the tail on.

    Then attach the legs in the same way.
    Once that glue has dried, you may need to do a little shearing, especially around the ears.
    Then your little sheep is ready to play 🙂

oh for crying out loud – how cute is that little guy?!
happy crafting!

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