DIY Braided T-shirt Yarn Headwrap

For those of you who don’t sew at all – this is a dazzling no-sew project.  Of course, I copied it from Anthropologie.  Are you tired of me doing that?  Oh well, i guess you’ll just have to live with it because I LOVE anthro and can’t afford to buy stuff there.  So I copycat.  I have seen many tutorials bouncing around about making t-shirt yarn – which I’m all for – but the projects seem pretty lack-luster.  Once I saw this headwrap on Anthro…

I knew it would be the perfect project for t-shirt yarn.  Assisting me on this project is my young lovely friend Lydia –

and we would like you to know that we spent $0 making this project… and you probably will be able to do the same!  Are you ready to make one?  okay….


  • 1 or 2 t-shirts WITHOUT side seams and in the color you want (of course you can always dye it to any color…this is a great time to ask your hubby to clean out his t-shirt drawer)
  • (I used a men’s extra large t-shirt)
  • Scissors
  • Water soluble pen
  • Hot Glue/ Glue Gun

T-shirt yarn is very simple and fun to make and this tutorial explains it well.

  • Step 1:  Cut the yarn into six equal lengths.

    Knot 3 together and braid it.

    Braid the other three strips.  You should have two long braids like this:
  • Step 2:  Measure one braid and cut it into three equal parts.  Repeat with the second braid.  You will have six pieces of braid that should be the same length.
  • Step 3:  Heat up your hot glue gun.  You will need something to use as a backing.  I used some leftover pieces of t-shirt (like from the top of the shirt) but you could use ribbon too.  Cut three pieces of backing the length of the braids plus 10″.  The extra length will be your ties at the nape of your neck.  Example: my braids were 26 inches so I cut three backing pieces at 36 inches.
  • Step 4:  Start with two braids and one piece of backing.  Put the two braids right side down (if you have a right side).  Using hot glue, glue the piece of backing to both pieces like this:

    You will repeat this step with the other two pairs of braids.
  • Step 5:  Okay good!  Now you have three double-wide braids.  Lay them together like this:

    To secure the end of your wrap, put some hot glue on both sides of the middle double-braid.  Squish them together so that they are touching.  This is really just to secure the end of your headwrap.
  • Step 6:  Braid the three large braids into an even larger flat braid.
  • Step 7:  Almost done!  Glue the other ends side by side just like you did the in step 5.  Use a little more of your backing material to wrap around the ends of your braid – secure it with hot glue.  I left a tail so that I would have two tails on each end to make my ties.

Here’s what the back should look like:

Here’s what the front should look like:

Now you can either wrap it around your head, or wrap it up as a gift for a friend!

good luck, jessica

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