Ayurvedic Approach

Being a massage therapist, it should not surprise you that I am into all kinds of natural medicine and healing.  I love using what God has given us on the earth to heal ourselves – essential oils, herbs, spices, nutritious foods.

(I also believe that God gave doctors the genius minds to come up with wonderful Rx and cures for horrible diseases.  We must have a balance between the old, natural way of healing and the new modern cures.)  Anyway, one of the methods I like to study is called Ayurvedic Medicine (pronounced  I-yur-vay-dic).  It is one of the oldest forms of medicine and it originated in India.  Now before you go worrying that I am getting all voodoo on you, remember this – God put these things on the earth for us to use.  Just because some cultures connect God’s medicinal solutions with their religious beliefs does not mean that you are a part of that religion if you use these methods. Ayurvedic medicine is about balance and using the plants and foods indigenous to your region as a way of healing.  One of the main principles of Ayurvedic medicine is the dosha.  There are three doshas and they determine the type of constitution you exhibit.

If your dosha is out of balance,  you can become ill.  Here is a great quiz (it’s fun to take even if you think all of this is hullabaloo) that will determine your dosha and tell you how to become more balanced.  I have been trying to balance my dosha lately (are you laughing?) and I really feel like it has helped.  So there – light your incense, go meditate, balance your dosha 😉

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