Are you stressed?

Currently, I am not. But I know that it seems like EVERYBODY is stressed or tired or something. Life is tricky- it takes a lot of concentration and energy. Now ideally, we would all move out to the country, grow our own vegetables, ride our bicycles, and become yoga instructors. However I know that may not work for some of you…so here are my top 3 natural stress relievers.
Quick FixBach Flower Rescue Remedy – a blend of 5 flower essences that promote clarity, relieve stress, aid in coping with trauma, and quickly calm you down.  I love this stuff- I put four drops under my tongue and it works great.

Daily DoseRhodiola Rosea- this is an adaptogenic herb that you can take every day.  It helps your body adapt to stressful conditions. A great source of information on this herb is the book Rhodiola Revolution.

Long-term commitment: Ultimately to reduce the stress and exhaustion in your life you must change your lifestyle. A way to begin this journey is to exercise. I love to do yoga. I don’t do it as often as I would like, but when I do it I feel so much better! The website Yoga Today puts a free class on the web every week. It’s a great way to be a part of a class if you can’t afford to go somewhere.
So breathe deeply, drink a glass of water (and maybe a cup of coffee :), and try these tips next time you feel stressed.  Have a lovely day.

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