Monday, February 21, 2011

DIY Color Path Pillow

I was inspired by this pillow cover from West Elm
Of course, you know me, I had to spice it up a little with color.  As you also know I have a small love affair with Anna Maria Horner's designs, and I have made many projects using her fabrics.  Since her patterns are so colorful, I thought it would be cool to use only her fabric scraps.  Plus - the majority of our bedroom quilt and window treatments is made from her stuff so it matches our room.

Would you like to make one?
Here's how:

*2 pieces of white fabric 12"x21"
*various scraps of fabric in whatever color palate you choose
*sewing machine/thread
*water soluble pen
*polyfil or pillow form

Step 1:  Cut out 60 2" circles.  The West Elm one has 80 I think, but I got tired of cutting circles and stopped at 60 :)  I think it helps to find a circle to trace - I used one of Charlotte's tiny tea cups.

Step 2:  Once you have your circles cut out 

- arrange them in stacks of three, making two rows of ten stacks.


Don't stack them right on top of each other -  you want the bottom two layers to peek out.
Pin them to the pillow top in these rows - but put them close together - so that they are overlapping.  That will make the embellishment look full.  My first try I pinned (and sewed) them on like this:

Didn't look so good.  Got out the ripper.  
Pinned them on again like this:

Yes that's much better.

Step 3:  Once they are pinned on, use a stationary tacking stitch on your machine to tack the center of each stack.  This simply means use your zig-zag stitch, but decrease the length of the stitch so that the stitch just goes back and forth.  I didn't even bother to cut the thread between stacks as I was going.

After they were all tacked, I snipped the threads.

Step 4:  Cut small little slits into the edges of the circles, about 1/2" apart.  This will help them fluff up.  Once you have cut them, hold your iron over the circles and steam them - using your hand to "ruffle" the circles.  

Step 5:  Pin the pillow top and back right sides together.  Sew around the edges leaving about 5" to turn it.  Turn it then stuff it.

Hand whip the opening closed.  That's it.  A colorful addition to your home decor.

have a lovely day - and go make your home lovely too!


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