Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Farmhouse Fireplace Renovation

About three months ago, we bought a farmhouse on 20 acres.
We love the land, and the house, but the interior design didn't match
the exterior.  It was all farmhouse on the outside, formal on the inside.
We've been doing some renovations and redesign, and this fireplace
was the first thing we did!
About an hour after we closed on our home, 
Ryan started ripping this facade off the wall.
(we were kind of excited to have our own place)
We updated the brass by unscrewing it from the fireplace
and spray painting  it with black high-heat spray paint.
Then, Ryan built the white frame and screwed the stained wood mantel piece on top.

We attached it to the wall and began shiplapping
at the mantel until we were about 2" from the ceiling.
We then added a 1x2 and a 1x3 for trim at the top.
I caulked the spaces between the trim pieces and painted it white.
We think it made a huge difference!!

Oh let's see them again side by side:

I promise it's the same fireplace ;)
All that slate tile was hidden underneath the wood - yay!
More reno projects to come, we've been busy!!

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