Monday, July 18, 2011

*CTSB*{DIY} Anthopologie-inspired Door Hanging

Wooo hoooo!  It's time to kick those summertime blues!
It's hot - the kids are a little let's stay in the AC and get crafty!
We rearranged the "Summertime Blues" schedule a little 
so I'll be kicking things off today with this Anthro-knock off!
I made mine as door-hanging(I actually made two!) 15" square, theirs is a mirror 12" square.
mine $3:

theirs $168:

My sister and her husband are moving into a new condo on her birthday 
- so what better gift than something to brighten up their new door?  
I guarantee seeing this on your door will make coming home that much sweeter.  
Ready?  Here's what you'll need:
Scrapbook paper (or cut up magazines/greeting cards/etc.)
wooden frame (either purchased or made)
foam brush
craft gloss glaze
xacto knife/scissors
Step 1: Cut out the squares.  The dimension of your squares will depend on the size of your frame.  My hubby built mine at 15"x15" - each side 2 1/2" wide.  So I cut 24 squares 2 1/2"x 2 1/2".
Step 2:  Decide on the placement of your squares, then glue them to the frame (I just used white Elmer's glue).
Step 3:  Brush the gloss on top of the "tiles" and let it dry.
Step 4:  If you would like a little bunting - make 4 triangles out of paper - I cut the letters H O M E and then sewed the triangles to a ribbon.
Ta- da!

Simple and stylish door-hanging - now go! go! go! Don't let those summertime blues get you!  And if you have older kids - they could make one of these for their room too!
Up next tomorrow - Jo Anna from A Pretty Life in the Suburbswith a Home Decor project!
Happy Monday!

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