For every job that must be done…

there is an element of fun….

Ah, Mary Poppins.
Don’t we all sometimes long for your sweet optimistic attitude toward daily chores?

I’ll admit it frankly- I am not the best housekeeper.  Now, I try – and I have gotten better – there are just many other things I would rather be doing and I tend to get caught up and *honestly* forget to do some chores.  So I have made a list of chores that I need to do every week to keep my home running smoothly.  Obviously some things (like doing the dishes) aren’t on here – and I also left off more detailed cleaning that may need to be done once or twice a month.  But this list helps me remember to do all my chores- it’s also good for moments when I just stand in my kitchen and turn in circles looking at the mess all around me….I just pick a task from this list and move on.  Some days I’m extra motivated and I do 4 or 5 things…which is good for the days that I do none.  I also like this list because it provides the satisfaction of checking something off – a visual that it is DONE!  So you can print this out and frame it behind glass –

then use dry erase marker to check off each task every week (you could also add a few to the list with your marker).  Here’s to better luck with house cleaning!

Sew Homegrown