Saturday, October 23, 2010

Healthier Snacking

You know, by now, that we love football.  A large portion of our Saturdays is devoted to watching it.  AND we like to eat "football food" while we watch.  You know-foods that don't require utensils, like burgers, wings, chips and dip.  We really like to make onion dip and eat it with pretzels.  Usually I make it with reduced fat sour cream - which sounds like a healthy choice to me.  However, in an attempt to be even healthier Ryan and I tried substituting Plain Greek Yogurt for the usual sour cream.  It passed the taste test with flying colors -there was a little more tang, but we liked it over all.  We did add 1 1/2 packets of onion soup mix to compensate for the tanginess.  Anyway here is the really exciting part - the nutritional comparison.  I calculated this for 16 oz. of reduced fat sour cream vs. 16 oz of nonfat plain greek yogurt.

REDUCED FAT SOUR CREAM                                                      NONFAT GREEK YOGURT
Calories: 675                                                                                      Calories: 275  
Fat: 52.5                                                                                              Fat: 0
Sat. fat: 37.5                                                                                       Sat. fat.: 0
Carbs: 30                                                                                            Carbs: 18
Protein: 15                                                                                          Protein: 40

WOW! Can you believe that?!?  We were shocked.  So give it a try next time you're making dip - that way you can have that extra brownie for dessert ;)

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