Monday, January 9, 2012

{DIY} Ribbon Storage

Yes I am unpacking and trying to set up a cute crafting/sewing corner for myself.  
 I have some ribbon...none of it on spools.  
The idea to wrap it around cardboard is not mine, 
but I wanted to display it in a cute way so that it could sit out. 

I'm certainly NO expert on organization, but I think the best way to make things like this look organized, is to make them uniform.  I had lots of varying lengths of ribbon, but by putting them all on the same size cardboard, with the same kind of ribbon to hang by, it makes them look neat.  
Does that make sense?
Scrap cardboard
Crafting Scissors
Straight Pins
Large Safety Pins
Ribbon for hanging
Small nails
Large wooden board - I used some old barn board
(of course you could also do this using pushpins onto a cork bulletin board)

In a nutshell, here's how to make the cardboard spools:
I traced around a mason jar mouth and drew the circles onto a piece of cardboard.
Cut them out.
Then draw lines where you want to cut into the side of the circle.
Cut them out.
Wrap the ribbon around it and secure with a straight pin.

*Once you've organized the ribbon, poke holes in the top of each cardboard spool - I used a large nail to do this.  
*Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie into a knot.  
*Vary the lengths of your hanging ribbon so they will hang nicely.  
*Slide ones of the same color onto a large safety pin.  
*Nail two small nails into the board for every safety pin you want to hang.  
*Slide the safety pin over the nails.  

There you go!  
Pretty and organized - and it can be easily accessed and added to as you acquire more ribbon.
Happy Monday!


  1. This is pure genius. Seriously! I think it's a great way to store ribbon, but gosh it looks gorgeous, too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Love it! I am organizing here myself... but most of my stuff is getting organized away into cupboards so we can fit another kid in the house :P
    I love seeing your pictures! Hope you will show more... maybe soon you'll have a bunch of beautiful Japanese ribbon added to your stash?

  3. Great ribbon storage idea! I even save ribbon from birthday gifts (its pricy!) and have a hard time keeping it all from looking wrinkled over time. That white shelf on the wall is too cute, did you make it or purchase? I would love to add some of different lengths to my daughters bedroom wall.

  4. I really like this - clever, attractive and useful! Like the shelf over the ribbon storage too - another great organizational tool!

  5. That is so cute Jessica!! I love the idea - it keeps everything tidy and looks super cute!!

  6. Hi Jessica, you can get many sew/craft whatnots at 100Yen Daiso shops (found almost everywhere) & the Yuzawaya chain of stores in Kamata. That's why you get real bargains for things you need (& don't need!). And while in the midst of yr unpacking & sorting, don't forget to go to the Tokyo Quilt Fest (Tokyo Dome) that's coming up soon! Happy New Year in wonderful, beautiful Japan !

  7. This would be great for short-term storage, or storage of what you're currently working on. Just be careful - direct contact with cardboard, some papers, or bare wood (anything non-archival) over time can discolor textiles, trims, or ribbons. Guess how I found out......

  8. Fantastic idea! I am so going to use this. Found you at "One Pretty Thing" and so pleased I did, thanks.

  9. Genius, totally gonna do this in my office, :)

  10. those are adorable - definitely gonna try those later. I think i might decoupage mine with some scrap paper and some mod podge :)

  11. I love your idea! Might even make mine from ply wood and paint them in yummy colors...


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