Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Do you have trouble sleeping?  I do.  and I have several friends who struggle as well.  It seems I can't quite turn my brain off.  The house is finally quiet and I can think - and so I do - but I can't stop.  Sometimes I just have trouble falling asleep, and sometimes I just can't seem to get ...

Feminine Essential Oils

As women, we have our own special set of physical discomforts and emotional fluctuations.  Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite essential oils that aid in womanly discomfort. Clary Sage - has a calming effect on the nervous system, lifts minor depression, and, as an ...

Summer Skin Care

Today we are going to discuss skincare strategies for summertime and beach-going. Your skin is your largest organ and it is SO important to take care of it - and to put quality products on it, not products that will clog your pores. Since your skin is the first thing a massage therapist treats, it ...

Lavender Part 2:

I hope you all have taken the time to go buy some Lavender essential oil, because today we are going to talk about how to use it. I have two categories of uses: health and home. Health: This is how I use Lavender in my family to keep us healthy. It can be used many other ways, these are just my ...

Lavender Part 1:

I love lavender so much that I have to talk to you about it in two or three parts- Today we are going to talk about the oil itself and what it does. Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil It is distilled from the French, sweet, or true lavender plant It takes 250 lbs of raw lavender to make ...

Sew Homegrown