Maydear Cat Cross Stitch Starter Kits for Beginners

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Despite being intended primarily for cross stitching beginners, this stamped Maydear kit works perfectly well for those already familiar with the process as well as experienced craft-lovers.

Maydear uses one hundred percent eco-safe threads without any toxic dyes so you will find them soft to the touch yet durable enough to handle firm needlework. The natural composition and dye make the colors simply pop and give the finished embroidery a brighter glossier appearance.

Maydear floss is actually an 11 count thread which means that a single thread includes 6 fibers. Each thread is best separated into equal pieces with 3 strands each for effortless full stitching and into 2 strands each for the back stitching. They are also neatly arranged on the kit’s cardboard piece to make the usage less messy.

Additionally, the kit includes a comprehensive guide for the cat pattern that uses numbers and symbols for each thread color while sectioning the image into a clearly-defined grid. This makes it suitable for children who are keen on learning the craft since everything is color-coordinated and simple to follow. The pre-printed pattern is also high quality so it’s easy to discern.

Maydear also provides free additional threads for this pattern in case you run out but the actual kit already comes with extra material to cover any re-stitching work you may have to do with the pattern.

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Maydear Cat Cross Stitch Starter Kits for Beginners


  • 18″ x 17″ fabric size
  • 11 thread count
  • 2 needles
  • full instruction in English
  • extra threads included

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