30 Minute Head Scarf

So because of the big move, my daughter has pulled out the majority of her hair.  It seems to be a coping mechanism that some kids use and it's totally normal.  However, it is very difficult to find cute ways to do her hair...there is a limit to how you can comb 3 strands of long hair to cover an ...


We have finally made it to my Grandma's house in Tennessee. She lives on the top of a mountain in middle TN in a town called Altamont. She also owns 4 cabins featured here - so if you want a nice getaway, this is a great place to come :) This week I will be featuring all sorts of things about ...

Organizing tip of the week

I would like to say that I am organized enough to give you a tip every week...but that's not true. So I am going to try to pass along what I can when I can :) I came up with this last night when I was so tired of her little pony tail holders showing up ALL OVER the house! Plus it's a great way ...

Sew Homegrown