Monday, November 18, 2019

Best 9 Star Wars cross stitch kits and patterns

Star Wars fans around the world look forward to an upcoming release of The Rise of Skywalker, a film closing the awesome sequel trilogy of the timeless space opera. Episode IX is really the talk of the town as it’s raising a bunch of questions as to the implication in its title and the mystery behind Rey’s black Sith robe along with the double-bladed lightsaber unveiled in a recent teaser.

Everybody will get their answers this Christmas when the movie hits theaters. Meanwhile, what are you doing to prep for the big event? A great way of paying homage to the famous saga is to put your passion onto cloth. We have compiled a list of the top 9 Star Wars themed cross stitch kits and patterns that will catch your imagination and literally bring the favorite characters to your fingertips. Go ahead and unleash your interstellar creativity by embroidering a piece that will make an unforgettable gift for yourself or any aficionado of the light or dark side of the Force.
  1. 7-in-1 Set of Cross Stitch Kits ‘Star Wars’
    Those looking for a one-stop cross stitch experience with Star Wars at its core will definitely admire the overarching series from Personalized.Design. The bundle includes everything you need to stitch 7 bookmarks showcasing the following characters: Master Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Porg. The enclosed user-friendly pattern and guide make this set perfectly suitable for beginners and skilled handicrafters alike.

  2. Star Wars Alphabet Sampler pattern
    All-in-one is the right word to describe this nifty product. It comes in the form of an instant download PDF cross stitch pattern with a uniquely engaging idea behind it. The sampler is organized as an alphabetical reflection of the Star Wars pantheon, with film characters – from Ahsoka Tano through Zuckuss – being combined with the appropriate letters. This pattern from weelittlestitches also stands out due to its impressive size (10"x14" on 18 count Aida) ensuring that the resulting piece will appear prominent amidst your home interior.

  3. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader kit
    This cross stitch kit makes the epic confrontation between Luke and Vader come alive in the most creative way ever. The finished piece images a thrilling clash between the two, with dark silhouettes adding an aura of galactic mystery to the item. Given the title of the much-anticipated Episode IX, this project will help artisans get on the hype train while having a great time stitching something trendy. Masterminded by Dimensions, this kit goes with all components required for the embroidery adventure, including presorted thread, needle, black 14 count Aida cloth, and instructions.

  4. Star Wars Blackwork Embroidery Pattern
    If you are an admirer of Star Wars, then you definitely love space warfare, don’t you? The “Nerdy Geeky Blackwork Pattern” from Eclectanerd depicts a classic spaceship combat, with bright stars shining all around. The hallmark of this item is that it’s based on blackwork embroidery, a technique using threads and fabric with contrasting colors - traditionally black on white, although modern designs can be more versatile than that. The pattern comes in PDF format and is amazingly easy to interpret and follow.

  5. YinYang Cross Stitch PDF Pattern – Millennium Falcon
    This PDF design puts the concept of Star Wars light and dark forces through a prism of the ancient Yin and Yang philosophic dualism. Featuring spaceships from the opposing sides of the battleground separated by a transcendental curve while still posing as indivisible parts of a whole, the embroidery pattern fits the mold of an unparalleled mascot for a true fan of Star Wars. The combo of a full color chart, list of thread colors, and color photo for reference will make your stitching experience totally seamless.

  6. Princess Leia
    Princess Leia Organa, Skywalker’s twin sister and a member of the Imperial Senate, got a creative incarnation in this terrific pattern from Rainbowstitchcross. The digital download full-color chart images Princess Leia holding her legendary blaster pistol, with the red starbird symbol of the Rebel Alliance shown in the background. On a side note, an unseen footage of Carrie Fisher, the late actress who portrayed this character for decades, is rumored to appear in Episode IX. Among other things, stitching this project is a good way to pay tribute to the great woman and her talent.

  7. Star Wars Stained Glass Cross Stitch Kit
    From where we stand, the upshot of stitching this one is truly spectacular. Very few products compare to the Star Wars Stained Glass kit when it comes to the fusion of colors and the collection of characters rendered in a single piece. Pair that with the jaw-dropping size of the finished item (15.5"x24"), and you’ll make all Star Wars addicts around you jealous. What’s under the kit’s hood? The chart, 14 count Aida, DMC threads, and a needle. If you take up the challenge and get down to this fairly time-consuming work, may the Force be with you!

  8. John Lohman and Rhys Turton book - Star Wars: Cross Stitch Kit: 12 Iconic Patterns from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
    The Star Wars saga inspired the two authors to team up and release this book with a dozen awesome patterns inside. The vast choice of designs ensures that you’ll find a few that fit your level of embroidery expertise, whereas the more complex ones will encourage you take it up a notch. As an extra perk you’ll certainly appreciate, the item goes with the materials to stitch the portrait of Yoda and the Star Wars logo.

  9. Chewbacca Quote
    You’ll undoubtedly find this cross stitch pattern amusing, plus it hits the sweet spot if you happen to be a beginner and haven’t yet mastered techniques beyond full stitch. No one in the whole Universe can possibly help smiling once they see the somewhat cartoonish figure of Chewbacca and the funny quote in Shyriiwook dialect, so the finished project will really become a mood raiser. Frankly, it’s one of the cutest Star Wars themed patterns out there. The verdict? Definitely worth a shot!

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