Monday, May 24, 2010

How to slice a mango

Mmmmmmmmmangoes :) Another lovely summer treat. Not just delicious- so good for you too! Did you know they contain:
  • phenols- antioxidants
  • high levels of iron
  • papain - a digestive aid
  • magnesium
  • potassium Yesterday we bought some at the store- 10 for $10. But, have you ever tried slicing a mango... and felt more like you were trying to wield a sharp knife around a wet piece of soap? Here is the solution for that problem. I once worked with a girl who grew up in Hawaii and this was her trick. Stand the mango up on the larger end (they have a slightly larger and smaller end- like an egg). The seed is in the middle running vertically. You will make two slices - one on each side of the mango seed. You end up with two little mango halves and the oval that contains the seed.Pick up one half and score a grid pattern into the fruit- first make vertical scores, then the horizontal ones. Don't cut all the way through the skin.Using a spoon, scoop out the little cubes that you have made, into a bowl. Easy breezy - you still have time to give yourself a pedicure before the company arrives :)

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