Friday, September 9, 2016

Two Lives Linked: A Modern Wedding Ring Quilt

Last year two of our dear friends got married.
The bride has modern taste, but also loves
the country.  She's an architect, so I knew
she would appreciate something structural.
I found the inspiration for this quilt on Pinterest,
but it was very small (about 9"x9" I think).
So I created my own design on a much larger
scale.  I imagined zooming in on a Double Wedding Ring
and cropping it so that you only see two of the rings linked together.
Does that make sense?

Then I backed it with that gorgeous arrow
tapestry from Urban Outfitters!

Before I bound it I embroidered their names, wedding date,
and one of the arrows from the back.

I hand-quilted it in straight lines, using pearl cotton.
I also quilted around each of the arcs.
Then I bound it with some scrappy binding I made.


For my first quilt design it actually went fairly smoothly.
I didn't save a pattern, but if y'all are interested I may
think of whipping one up.
I kind of want one for myself ;)

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