Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Been doing a little Studying...

Field Studying that is!  Anna Maria Horner's new line Field Study came out a few weeks ago.  I've been wanting to revamp the futon that's in my living room and this collection was just begging for the job.  I promptly ordered two FQ bundles from Hawthorne Threads (Gypsy and Patina palettes) and then tried to wait patiently for them to come in the mail.  When they got here, last Wednesday, I immediately flew into a cutting and piecing frenzy (take out dinners anyone?) and completed this futon cover in two days :)  

I'm really loving the way it turned out.  It kind of feels like a party in my living room all the time now - which I'm thinking is going to be perfect for these fast-approaching dreary winter days (that's when I miss Florida the most...)  So here's a question - pillows or no pillows?  and should I stick with the yellow pillows or choose another color?  

Thoughts please.  
Have you made anything with Field Study yet?


  1. Oooh - gorgeous Jessica!! I love the cover - it really brightens up the whole room! I like it with the pillows - the yellow is pretty though I think you could do almost any color. Orange or Kelly Green would look great too!

  2. Cute! I might try that effect for a baby quilt I want to whip up for a friend this month.

  3. I really like the yellow pillows!

  4. Hi jessica- I really like it ALL but sort of loving that solid green pillow on the other chair. It gets its excitement from just the color :) Beautiful job and great idea! It will make you smile every time you see it

  5. This is so pretty!!What a great idea. I, being me, meaning I'm kinda crazy sometimes, would make several different solids to throw on. The yellow is fine though!


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