Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Staging Your Home: The Hostess's Secret Weapon

While I was in college I worked for an interior design firm one summer.  I mostly did things like pickups, deliveries, paperwork - but for a few weeks I was assistant to a decorator who staged model homes.  Or actually re-staged model homes.  We would go into an existing model home - she would survey the situation, and then we would  proceed to rearrange the entire house (great exercise) until it looked new and fresh.  Occasionally we would bring in some new accessories, but usually we just worked with what was already there.  This little skill has come in handy many times in my life - especially when I find myself trying to sew 10 new pillows the night before a party.  
So I thought I'd share this with you.  
If you're getting ready for a party or gathering, don't worry about buying new stuff or making 10 new pillows the night before - simply take things from elsewhere in your home (especially if there are rooms in your house the company won't see) and place them in the main gathering area - giving it fresh new life without spending a dime.  This is what I found myself doing the other day as I was getting ready for a meeting in my home.  So I took before and after pictures.  
The before looks pretty sad, but it certainly create a dramatic change ;)



So here's what I did: 
  • I brought in a bench to serve as a coffee table - it was by my front door, really not serving any purpose but to collect junk.
  • Most of the pillows on the two sofas are from the guest bed upstairs.  They matched the living room just fine, and no one was going to go upstairs to see the bare bed.
  • I took the blue mason jar from the bathroom and created a floral arrangement with flowers from our bedroom.  They really brightened up the corner.
  • And of course I cleaned and picked up too.

So I didn't do anything too complicated, but those small touches made the room feel complete.  I hope this little tip is helpful the next time you are having a party - don't spend a lot of money, just use the things you have in a new and fresh way.  
Happy Decorating!

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  1. What a good point Jessica! I wouldn't have thought of taking things from other parts of the house that won't be seen. Thanks - it looks really pretty!


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