Monday, March 19, 2012

A more literal form of nesting...

 In an attempt to make myself sit down more during these last few days of pregnancy, I started making these little amigurumi Easter Eggs.  For some reason I can sit down if I think - "oh I'm going to sit and crochet" instead of "oh I need to sit down and rest"...what that says about me I don't know, but it's obvious I'm not going to be a master at meditation anytime soon.

They are super addicting and very simple - I've made 6, but am pretty sure I'm going to go for the full dozen before delivery.  I love using that variegated yarn, I think it kind of makes them look like dyed eggs.

We think they'll be the perfect squishy soft addition to Lila's first Easter basket :)
  You can find the free pattern here.
Happy crocheting!


  1. So cute Jessica!! And what a great way to sit and "relax"!! They are perfect for Lila's easter basket! :)

  2. That is so fun! I will have to add it to my moms list of thing to make for me since I don't crochet!


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