Monday, February 6, 2012

Spinning Stars Baby Quilt Finished!

Well the evenings these days leave me pretty tired, but I still like to do something a little productive.  
So, I've been snuggled up on the couch, draped in this gorgeous flannel by Anna Maria Horner, as I hand quilt this little beauty for baby girl.
It's a small quilt, but full of color and super soft and cozy.

I used this free pattern from AMH's site, but I reduced the pattern (I think by 33%) to make it smaller.
I quilted it using the AMH line of pearl cotton thread - color #98.  

I love hand quilting using the larger stitches.  
The process goes faster and it adds some really nice detail.  

I didn't put any batting in this little quilt because the front and back are both flannel, and I didn't think it needed anything for added warmth.

I highly recommend using this flannel to make something - it is a treat to work with.

Now it's just waiting for a little girl to snuggle!


  1. LOVE! Love the bright colors and the pattern--and your little gal will one day really treasure it--especially the hand-quilted aspect.

  2. What a darling quilt!!! I love the colors you chose and I can't believe you hand quilted it! LOVE!!

  3. I make raw-edge raggie quilts for all my grandchildren and I don't use batting in them either. But I will say that as the quilts (and kids) get older, the quilts do seem to lose some of their heft. I might try one sometime with batting in it to see how much heavier and bulkier it makes it.
    The one you made is so pretty and bright and very fun.

  4. Your colors are so vibrant. The baby girl will have a gift of a lifetime hand quilted by you.


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