Monday, February 13, 2012

{DIY} Chocolate Hearts : Valentine's Day in Japan

Well in Japan, Valentine's Day is entirely the responsibility of the women.  
and they must give chocolate.
to every man they know.
(can you guess who invented this rule?)

The better the quality of chocolate, the more important you are to them.  
They give chocolate to coworkers, friends, boyfriend, dad, uncle, etc. etc.
but don't worry.  
 The Japanese women were not to be fooled.
They created another holiday, exactly a month later called White Day.
and this is the day the women get paid back.
supposedly the men who received chocolate from them must give them something  
3x the worth of the chocolate they received. 
hmmm...really makes you think about your chocolate purchase.
It was originally supposed to be a white gift such as cookies, jewelry, white lingerie, or marshmallows (? you'd have to be given some pretty awful chocolate if marshmallows are worth 3x...) 

If you have a special love of your life, the best way to show you love them is to make them a chocolate confection.  So Charlotte and I decided to do just that for Daddy.  It was really very easy and Charlotte had a fun time.  Here's what you'd need to make your own.  
You still have time, it takes about 15 minutes.

melting chocolates (easily found at Michaels in the States)
small candy tins
sugar decorations/sprinkles

Simply melt the chocolate in the microwave, 30 seconds at a time, until it's nice and smooth.  Use a spoon and spoon it into the tins.  Place the decorations on top, then put in the freezer to set until hard.  It might also be fun to experiment with something in the chocolate like peanut butter, dried fruit, marshmallows, or nuts.  Easy peasy and a great Valentine activity for those little hands.
Happy Valentine's Day!
(I can say that because it's already Tuesday here ;)

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  1. Those Valentines day chocolates are so cute! I love the Valentines Day/White Day traditions of Japan, I think it's more special to have two days like that...a girl can use V-day to confess, and on White day the object of her affections can choose to reciprocate! So cute!

  2. These look yummy! I have a few of the ingredients here at home so I might give it a whirl!! I wish we had a "White Day" Id be giving chocolate to all the men in my life! HA!

  3. The hubs loves Turtles, (the candy, not the reptiles or the mutant ninjas), so every Valentines I get him a big box of them. Those suckers aren't cheap! Maybe I need to introduce him to this "White Day" tradition! :)

  4. I am drooling over them treats! And the packaging of the ingredients, too. Haha. So so cute.


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