Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sew come on in...

The ever-inspiring Anna Maria Horner says that if you are going to do any type of sewing in any consistent manner, you must have a space dedicated to it.  It doesn't matter how small, it could be the corner of a closet somewhere, but you must have a space where your machine can always be set up and ready to work.  Well here's mine - it's not extravagant - just a corner of our large family/play room - but I'm happy with it, and I can sew while playing/watching tv/talking to Ryan.  I took pictures of it as it is today - fabric scraps and Starbucks cups included.  Really because that's how it will look most of the time.  My fabric stash is neatly organized (for now) in that white wardrobe in the corner, and that door opens into our kitchen.
Wish I could have a bunch of you over for a big sewing day!

 The cutting area...

 The sewing area...

Happy sewing from Japan!


  1. I am so jealous of your sewing room. We live in a small condo and I have to haul out my machine and pack it up every night :(. One day I'll have a sewing room...one day.

  2. Fun! I just take over the dinning room...even when I had a craft room. I like being able to interact everyone else in the house.

  3. I had a wonderful craft room until my house went into foreclosure (I couldn't sell and couldnt afford to keep) I had my pc, drafting table/cutting table, my sewing machine and a couch for friends to sit and visit. I miss it so in my new VERY small apt. but the dining room works. It is just nice to have a creative space to use and share with others.

  4. Awesome Jess...I love the rickrack/thread hanging on the wall! You always use what you have to add soooo much color! Miss you and love you! Oh, I would so come over to sew!

  5. Oooooh, I have craft room envy. It's so beautiful and organized!

  6. Very airy! Love the pin cushion (on cutting table). What are the flaps for?


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