Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well here we are - new year, new home!
It has been quite a journey getting here, involving 
*airport all-nighters *10 large suitcases 
*Christmas in a small hotel room *jet-lag 
*crying *laughing 
*great ramen noodles *moving in 
*meeting new people *stomach bugs
*an earthquake *my first try at Japanese cooking(it turned out terribly
*cupcakes from neighbors *a broken dryer 
*learning to ride the train *a free couch
...and so many more things packed into the last 3 weeks.
But we've been in our townhome for a week now - the downstairs is beginning to look like humans reside here.  Since I've had no time for craftiness (although my crafting space is nearly set up!), I thought I would share this sweet piece of art my sister made me for my birthday. 

I really love everything about it - the sentiment and the design.  There's no tutorial, but it's great inspiration if you've been thinking about doing something similar. 

She appliqued the fabric pieces on to the background using a zig-zag stitch, then embroidered the words and curly-swirly chimney smoke.  I hope your homes are cozy, happy places this January day - it's not always easy to make them that way.
But when you've got the people you love, you've got a home.
(sheesh my pregnant hormones make me tear up at my own words... )

Happy Homemaking!


  1. That is such a nice gift from your sister! I'm glad you are getting settled in your new home.

  2. That stitchery is so pretty!! What a sweet housewarming gift! I hope you're having fun getting settled!! :)


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