Thursday, January 19, 2012

{DIY} "Stained Glass" Heart Garland

Feeling the need to catch every winter sunray?
This sweet little heart garland will help you do just that!

It's a simple kid's craft - melted crayon shavings in between wax paper 
- that I then cut into heart shapes!
You can get the full instructions for melting the crayons from Martha here.

Once you melt it, it will look like this:

not too pretty.  
But just use a heart cookie cutter and trace heart shapes onto the wax paper and cut out.

Then sew the hearts together on your sewing machine.  
Take a few stitches between each heart to create some space.

Then hang it wherever you like!
I hung mine on this frame that I put on my front door.

You can get the tutorial for the frame here.
Happy crafting, and I hope your winter days have a ray or two of sunshine!

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