Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Top 8 of 2011

Happy New Year from Japan!
Here are the top 8 posts of the past year.  It's easy to tell that my life got crazy after June, all of the most popular ones are Jan - June.  It was in July that I got pregnant and we moved and this whole adventure with the Navy began.
Thanks so much for reading Sew Homegrown and I can't wait to start sewing and crafting with you this year!

1. January 6, 2011

2. February 21, 2011

3. February 25, 2011

4. March 14, 2011

5. April 5, 2011

6. June 3, 2011

7. June 17, 2011

8. June 29, 2011

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!


  1. Happy New Year & wishing you a wonderful start to 2012 & to Japan !

  2. I love all these projects Jessica!!
    I hope you are having a great new year in Japan!!

  3. Can't wait to hear about your adventures. I LOVE fabric shopping in Japan - there is a whole district out of Tokyo full of fabric shops! I have been an expat for 8 years now and love to hear about the adventures of other expat mums! Plus I love all things craft! Good luck with your first few weeks and months!


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