Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Woman's Prerogative... to change her mind right?
Well I promise this will be the last change ever in my little blogging life.
Coming soon, I am switching BACK to Sew Homegrown. 
After requests from many of you and after some research online I have decided this is the best thing to do. 
If you have joined me since I've been Make It Lovely - I certainly don't want to confuse you. 
The content here will be exactly the same and the Facebook actually never it will be the same
- Sew Homegrown on Facebook.
So the new(and final) web address will be
Thanks for bearing with me.
This change will be coming in the next few days.
If you have any questions for me or comments feel free to write me an email and I can explain more if you would like.



  1. One Lovely Blog Award

    We recieved it and we have to pass it along to 15 other blogs. We picked you!

    Sunni and Melissa at Love Affair with my Brother

  2. Good call. I really liked the first name, but I didn't want to mention it once you changed it. I love the new/old name!


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