Thursday, July 14, 2011

*Inspired Homemaking* - clothing to make

I've got an idea swimming around in my head...and I'm not quite ready to share it but here's a hint:
it involves lots of handmade clothing.
So here's a list of some pretty things I've found that I would like to make soon.
A few things:
if you haven't already, go ahead and enter the fabric giveaway
My "cure the summertime blues" series will be starting on Monday!!
AND I haven't announced it on here, but if you're on Facebook you know - every friday I feature 3 links to follower's blogs.  I  love getting to know you and seeing the things you're doing.  If you are featured on Follower Fridays on Facebook or *Inspired Homemaking* feel free to grab a button from the right side bar.
Happy Thursday!

This headwrap from The Letter 4 
is sooooo adorable.

This shirt is beautiful.
By Amanda from Modern Marigold for Sew, Mama, Sew!

These DIY gold pants are totally amazing.
Don't know if I'd be brave enough to make them in gold -
but Andy from StyleScrapbook totally pulls them off.

Jessica from Happy Together shares a tutorial for this super cute rag bag!

I love this dress over at Maybe Matilda - it even has pockets!

Aren't you inspired?
So many talented people.  I love it.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! You've got some cute stuff here . . . I've GOT to go check out those gold pants!


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