Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Where Shall We Go?

In Oak Ridge, TN there is a wonderful event that happens in mid-June. It is the Lavender Festival and it is wonderful!!! Crafty local vendors come and display their talent and wares. Musicians sing and play their instruments all day as you wander and peruse the many splendid creations. Lavender, heavy and exotic, perfumes the air with its bouquet. Can you smell it? Allow me to share some of what we saw.

Look at those wonderful Lavender Wands. The reeds of lavender are bound around the lavender buds and woven with jute or ribbon. All you do is gently squeeze the bulb and the lavender scent wafts to your nose. Great for stashing in drawers or trunks.

Literally lavender by the yard! This was a full yard of lavender tulle with lavender buds sewn into 6 inch pockets the whole length. 

There were people milling around the festival with these bunches in their bags, hands, pockets,and purses.

Isn't this lovely bunch amazing? I can picture it centered on my table or perhaps on my mantle. The room completely transformed by the aroma (sigh).

You get bunches like that large one from lavender plants like these. Aren't they gorgeous? The bumblebees were busily buzzing around each bud. Can you imagine how happy and relaxed they were? (giggle)

The girls and I stopped for a snack of French Beignets and Kettle corn (the food couldn't all be provincial),

and a craft of making lavender sachets. The girls have slept with those sachets under their pillows since Saturday. They say the sachets give them sweet dreams (ah, precious, aren't they?).

We visited my favorite farm Honey Rock Herb Farm . They have the healthiest lavender plants. I have two that are super huge and prolific. The farm has so much more too. Go check them out. They are the greatest!

We saw these GORGEOUS garden sun catchers

that were also good children catchers (note the lavender sachet in her hand).

Look at these wreaths. Aren't they superb?  I loved them both so much. Which one do you like?

Lavender was infused into everything; the air, the water, the lemonade. . . 

and yes, the ice cream as well. There was so much to see and smell and do. It was a grand day.


  1. Oh so lovely! Sorry we missed it! I like the bee wreath best. Great pics of a beautiful day!

  2. This looks like such a fun festival. I have a yard full of lavender blooming right now. This gives me some great ideas for using it! I really need tomake one of those lavender wands:>)

  3. So jealous!! I love lavender, and we just don't have much of it here! I'm trying to grow it this year!
    Great photos!

  4. Wasn't it wonderful... other than the rain later in the day! My booth was the one with the vintage book page wreaths ~ so glad you liked them! :)

  5. Kathleen Grace,
    I have been considering whether or not to do a quick tutorial on how to make the Lavender wands. Would that be helpful?

  6. Hi Jo-Anna,
    a quick tip or two on growing Lavender. Don't try from seed. You will only get frustration and no plants. It really is that hard. It is best to buy a yearling plant. Honey Rock Farms may even ship (I just go pick them up). Also, Lavender likes sandy soil, and loves to be in the sun. I basically did half soil, half sand and stuck that plant in the ground. Lavender also likes to drink occasionally, but doesn't like it's feet wet. Honestly, I don't water my plants, just let the rain do it's job. They are SO happy and prolific. Hope that helps.

  7. Jessica, the Bee wreath is wonderful isn't it? We missed you as well, but Mama J time is something special.

  8. Lana,
    YOUR BOOTH WAS GORGEOUS!!! I couldn't get to you to see if I could link up to you for this blog post. Your booth was quite popular! Very lovely things!!! I wanted to come back later but the rain prevented my return. Thanks for commenting

  9. It's fun to see someone elses lavender events. We have one here in WA state. We have lavender farms on tour besides all the craft booths. If you are ever in Sequim WA on the third week in July come and visit our Lavender Farms on Tour event.

  10. That's perfectly fine ~ I don't mind a bit, but next year come on through the crowd and say hi! I'd love to meet you. Hopefully we'll have pretty weather all day long. :)

    P.S. I'm going to add your blog to my blog roll...


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