Monday, June 6, 2011

Silhouette for Bows + Giveaway!!

I have three gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, creative, funny, and intelligent little girls. I love them beyond all reason and would move mountains for them. That being said, for all you mamas of precious, handsome, rascally little boys. . . bless your hearts. You are so lucky!

We have so much HAIR!!! And since we are diva, princess, stylin' little girls, we must have ribbons, bows, barrettes, clips, elastics, headbands, and any other hair accessory to hold it away from our face or to make the hair look MORE beautiful.

UGH! I have tried and tried to clean up and organize, however three little girls spending 5 minutes each looking for just the right hair accessory leaves a HUGE mess. I just really don't like clutter because it is frustrating and inefficient (oh. . . but don't talk to Jessica about my fabric trunk. . . yeah. . . we won't discuss inefficiency or clutter in that regard, no, definately not). Soooooooo. . . . I have been thinking of a way to hang up and display the pretty little bow collection we have going on and I came up with this idea and it is really very simple (really, I mean it)!!! Read on, see what you think and find out my surprise at the end (hee hee, its a good one).

So this is what you need:
8x10 piece of felt (25 cents at Hobby Lobby)
Frame minus the glass (I found 11x14 was a perfect size)
fat quarter of fabric (simple pattern is best)
Ribbon (at least two kinds, a yard each)
glue (I used hot glue)
sharp scissors
child's silhouette

So here we go, first you need put your little girl's hair up into a ponytail or bun. It is necessary for this to work. Now to make a silhouette of your child. You can do that by following this tutorial and printing your silhouette on 8 1/2x11 white paper, or these instructions. I followed the second set of instructions and simply traced my girls' silhouettes on to white copy paper. I felt I had more control over my size this way, however this may not work with a small toddler. They tend to get squirmy.
The size of my silhouette fit inside a piece of 8 1/2x11 copy paper turned portrait position. Cut out your silhouette carrefully, getting all the features.

Place your silhouette on your piece of felt, landscape position. This position allowed me to get all of my silhouette's features. Place the nose as close to the edge as you can without touching it. Pin your silhouette to your felt well. Cut your silhouette carefully. I found it was easier to move the felt rather than move the scissors. This gives you a more seamless edge. Unpin the paper silhouette from the felt.

If you need to use your scraps to complete your silhouette's pony tail, as I did, pin your scraps to the silhouette and cut them out as well. The piecing won't show when they are glued down together. Set your silhouette aside.

Now, remove the glass and cardboard from your frame. You do not need the glass, so put that in the recycling bin.

Spread your fabric our flat. You may need to iron it so there are no wrinkles or creases in the fabric. Take the cardboard from the frame and place your cardboard on top of the fabric and trim your fabric about an inch and a half out from the cardboard's edge.

Glue one long edge of the fabric to the back of the cardboard, then gently stretch the fabric across the front and glue the other long edge to the opposing side of the cardboard. Now glue the two short edges of the fabric to the short edges of the cardboard.

Flip your fabric covered cardboard over and place your silhouette on the fabric. Arrange it so that it is a little above center. Now glue your silhouette down on to the fabric. Place glue along all of the edges and press firmly to get a good bond. If you had to use scraps to complete your silhouette, join the edges of the scrap piece to the silhouette piece first. Allow that to set, before you glue the other edges. This will insure an invisible joint between both pieces of fabric.

Now to get creative. Use one piece of ribbon to make a bow. You can tie a bow or make a bunch of loops. I just made loops and sort of squished the center together. Once you have a bow you are happy with, glue it down at the base of the ponytail on your silhouette. Now take your second piece of ribbon and fold it in half and glue it down on top of your bow and let the tails hang past the cardboard's edge. You can add a third piece of ribbon to make more tails if you wish.

It is starting to look really cute, right? So, take your silhouette and insert it into the frame and secure it. Make sure your ribbon's tails hang out of the frame. You are finished!

Hang up your bow holder and put your little girl's bows all over it! My girls adore their faces and the fact that they can see ALL of their bows at a glance.

Do you like it? Really like it? Do you think you will make one?

Would you make one, say. . . if I GAVE you the supplies? So here is my first give-away. Included is a 11x14 frame (sans glass), 8x10 piece of felt, fabric, and two spools of ribbon, each approx. 1 yard.
Leave the best comment on this post and it could all be yours!
I will announce the winner next Tuesday. Happy Tuesday to you!!!

Heaps of love,


  1. Great idea!!! And so cute too! I would've loved that when I was younger and had hundreds of bows and ribbons for my hair!
    Star Hughes Living

  2. I really love it! (of course don't enter me to win....) Just wanted to say.

  3. I love that idea! I just have the one daughter right now, but we both wear bows and she constantly loses them! Maybe this will be a way to help her put them back where they go. I would love to win the supplies!

  4. Oh my, this is so darling:)! I am for sure your new follower:), wonderful ideas on here!

  5. Love the idea!!

    Before I had a child, I always said I wanted boys (primarily because my husband says I have the sense of humor of a pre-pubescent boy and I knew that would have to change if I ever had girls) but God blessed me with a daughter. And boy oh boy... I never thought I'd be into the bows and all that, but I totally love it. Who knew?!

  6. Well, this would be perfect since we just found out we are having a little girl! ;)

  7. Great idea! Count me in for the giveaway-I sure would be more likely to make one with all of the supplies! Super cute!

  8. Cute idea! I've seen silhouettes a lot lately but this one is such a fun use for it!

  9. So great! I love SIL and bow holders...perfect combo :)

    Fancy Frugal Life

  10. I remember doing silhouettes as a kid, great idea! I would love to use this to have a project with my grandaughter...she's already the crafty kind at 7 :)...thanks~

  11. This is absolutely adorable and unique! Think I'll give it a try tomorrow! Will keep you posted! Happy Girl's Day!

  12. We made it! Love the results! Come check it out!

    Thanks for an awesome tutorial!


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