Friday, June 24, 2011

Onions have layers...

sliced onion

I'm kind of a curious person.  I love to learn new things, and yesterday while I was slicing an onion for dinner I wondered "is there anything good for you in this thing?"  
I mean, I use onions all the time for flavor, but do they provide any nutritional value?  
It's okay if you don't care about this - no offense taken - 
I know not everyone wonders about these sorts of things, but if you do,
or have,
or are wondering now...
here's what I found out.
Onions are in fact good for you!

They have many vitamins and minerals
C, B6, folate, fiber, potassium, chromium, and many more.

They are good for your cardiovascular health - preventing your blood from clotting too much, and lowering cholesterol.

When consumed regularly they can increase bone density, act as an anti-inflammatory, and can even help prevent colo-rectal, laryngeal, or ovarian cancers.
They also contain anti-bacterial properties and powerful anti-oxidants.
Good stuff!  I found that to receive most of these benefits we need to eat onions every day, or at least several times a week - so now you can feel good about that steaming bowl of onion soup (amazingly they don't loose any nutrients when cooked, they just transfer to the water!)
Happy cooking and happy weekend!


  1. Glad you posted that. Our family LOVES onions. Now I have more reasons to pick up the 10 pounds of onions at the grocery store. Great post. =)

  2. That's awesome! A lot of people complain about onions, but we love them and eat them almost daily. They are great to add flavor and bulk up a recipe. Glad they have health benefits as well!

  3. Very cool! I love cooking with onions...they automatically add amazing flavor, just like garlic. Have you ever cooked with shallots? I don't always have them for a recipe and will sub onions, but we made an amazing beef tenderloin at Christmas time with shallots, and I was blown away. Both were amazing! Thanks for the 411 on onions...:D

  4. Hooray for onions! And afterwards toothpaste and mouthwash! ;).

    I love the dress you made for charlotte (and my bday ;). I will need to make one for my little girl next year! Hard to believe!

  5. Parfaits have layers!

    Happy Friday!
    amy g.

  6. oh wow...I am really glad you posted this because I too have wondered often about whether they have really any nutritional value or not...because they are one of the only veggies my toddler will eat!


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