Wednesday, June 1, 2011

He's on his way home...

Two of us wearing raincoats
Standing solo
In the sun
You and me chasing paper
Getting nowhere
On our way back home
We're on our way home
We're on our way home
We're going home
-the beatles

So this is what I do when I've been crafting all day and I realize it's 4:15 and I have 30 minutes until my hubby gets home :)  Actually, even when I've been cleaning all day (okay..I never clean ALL day...)
- it still seems I need to pick up.  So I let my senses be my guide.

First - Sight
I stand at the front door and look up.   What is the first thing I see?  Usually toys and fabric scraps.  Sometimes laundry.  So I start there.  The view should be nice when he walks through the door.  I pick up the toys and put the fabric scraps over in my pile.  Then I walk to the couch area and make sure that is picked up - that way there is a nice place to sit when he comes home (don't worry - I don't untie his shoes or anything...)

I also try to fix myself up a bit - after all he's been in an office with women wearing sassy business clothes all would be nice if he didn't come home to me in my p.j.'s with peanut butter in my hair.  I usually just throw on jeans and a clean shirt, brush my hair, reapply deodorant, and put some concealer under my eyes - takes about 3 minutes, but I look (and feel) way better.  I also try to wipe Charlotte's face and make sure she doesn't look like a total ragamuffin.

Second - Smell
I try to create a pleasing aroma throughout the house.  I usually do this is by lighting candles, but sometimes the smell of clothes in the dryer, or the smell of a clean bathroom is great too.

Third - Sound
When I'm really on my A game, I put on some fun music -  not too loudly.
Music just puts everyone in a better mood.

Fourth - Taste
Now Ryan gets home earlier than most, so I usually don't have dinner cooking when he walks in the door.  But I at least try to have it planned and prepped.

Fifth - Touch
We love to greet Daddy with hugs and kisses.
What better way to show someone you're glad to see them?

Now, some of you may roll your eyes at this and think it's a bit June Cleaver but here's the thing.
A good marriage and a happy family takes work.
I'm certainly no expert on that, and there are afternoons when I practically knock Ryan over as I pass him in the doorway, reaching for the keys, leaving to find my sanity. 
But I really appreciate what he does - heading off to work every day, and I really appreciate that I get to stay home with our sweet Charlotte.  This is one of the ways I show him that.  And on those days when I am crazy, he takes over - knowing that I try most days to make our Home a calm, lovely place for him to come home to. 
I also know that I only have one little kiddo. 
So here's my question: 
How do you Mama's of more-than-one make your home a happy place to come home to?
Happy Homemaking!


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  2. I laughed out loud at your making sure Charlotte isn't a "ragamuffin" comment!
    That's a good way to break it down! My challenge is usually sight and cleaning up clutter, and at least making it look like there is a plan in progress for dinner if I hadn't already been scheming about it all day. And as for your question, I'm interested to know others' answers!

  3. I'm glad that I am not the only one that has a mad-dash-cleaning-session-before-dinner......

  4. You're such a good wife! :) I'm going to tweet this post because I love it so much.


  5. I have used these same suggestions to young moms in my speaking career. The following could be added in the "Taste" section to have a little plate of cheese & crackers to hold him over till dinner.
    I also encourage the girls to have their husband CALL home when he is leaving. That gives them an amount of time to rally the kids and everybody plays the "Daddy's coming home game!" and clean up, shape up and be ready.

  6. Sometimes I think we gals are afraid of being "June Cleaver"--but our husbands are not afraid to go out and be "Ward Cleaver", so what's the harm in being June? (To clarify, we're so afraid of the housewife/mom role, but our men are out there going to work to make a living the old-fashioned way, embracing Ward's role.) Hope that made sense. So many men these days prefer their wives to have careers over staying home to be a homemaker, so like you I am appreciative that my husband values my current role in our home.

    I really appreciated the sentiment of this post. Yeah, most days I may be 0 for 5 senses, but today I just may be 5 for 5 thanks to your inspiration. Off to go to some "home work". ; )

    Thanks Jessica.

  7. Thanks for the post. It's encouraging to hear about how you try to show your husband you appreciate all he does. There's some good ideas that I'm going to try :)

    I also only have one baby right now, but I can imagine it'd be more a challenge with more kiddos!

  8. Great tips, I used to do this when my hubby worked. He is now retired from the Army and no longer has to work... He still works around the home and yard.. but he doesnt leave home for long periods of time, then comes home. LOL And I sometimes miss it.. just so I could greet him at the door and do these things again.
    Any tips for a stay at home wife and Momma who also lives with her stay at home hubby! LOL That can be challenging.. I feel like Ive got to stay on top of things ALL the time..
    Not that I ALWAYS do! :)

  9. Really nice post; I loved the sentiment. It's not too June Cleaverish at all. Not unless you appear in fancy dress and pearls and heels (although that might be fun once in awhile!)

  10. Being married for 30 years having been a "homemaker" while my children were growing up,I really appreciate this post. I am so happy that your generation sees the value of coming back together as a family in such a thoughtful way. Those first few moments set the tone.

    Nicely done Jessica!

  11. Thank you so much for this post! I sometimes try to get toys picked up but I've never thought of working with the senses in mind. Thank you!


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