Tuesday, May 31, 2011

With Apologies. . .

Hi Tuesday Friends,
So I had this great tutorial worked up to post for today, however. . . instead of posting it for you to enjoy, I took MC (one of the twins) to Children's ER with a fever of 104.5. Luckily she only has a virus and the fever has not been that high since (whew. . . sigh), unfortunately that means I have had no time to write my fun post for you. I thought instead that I would show you some pictures of my girls releasing butterflies at the zoo (pre-fever). We had so much fun!

Curious girls exploring butterflies

The butterfly expert giving O her butterfly to release
O's beautiful butterfly
MG's precious butterfly she named "Buddy"

 Giving "Buddy" a sip of nectar

MC is a bit unimpressed because the butterfly didn't
fly away. It just hung out crawling on her arm.
So she encouraged her butterfly to take a sip of nectar as well

O also was able to release a monarch

which flew to MG's finger
and then landed on the flower in MC's hair
Well, I hope you enjoyed our little introduction to summer. I promise to have my tutorial for you next week and a surprise as well. Are you excited? I am . . . 'til then, stay well and I will see you next Tuesday.


  1. Oh that last pic is SO darling. What a fun day! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Poor thing...I hope she is feeling better. Adorable pictures!!

  3. That is awesome! We got to release butterflies on Saturday! The kids loved it but of course I didn't have a camera. You got some great shots!

  4. I hope your daughter recovers quickly! Sending up some prayers! I just found your blog. Thanksf or sharing!!


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