Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Graduation Party - Swamp Style

Here are the details from the graduation party I threw my hubby last Saturday.  As you probably know, it is SO tricky to do stuff for guys.  You can't make it to "cutesy".  Ryan was graduating from the University of Florida, whose mascot is the Gators, and whose stadium is called the Swamp.  
So I went with that. 

I made the dessert table swampy with large sticks and assorted dried mushrooms  in glass cylinders, "moss" - green Easter grass, lanterns, and green fabric. 

The hat bunting was strung across the front of the table.

I made green, brown, orange, and blue streamers to hang behind the table.

I also threw in some books here and there - to give it the academic look.  The cake was actually cupcakes in the shape of a gator - from the lovely Hello Cupcake book. 

I made brown icing and mossy green icing and filled my pastry bag half with green and half with brown.  That's how I achieved that variegated look - I thought it looked more authentic than bright green for a man party.  

I made the graduation hat pops - using orange and blue taffy for the tassels.  
I covered half the Oreos with blue melting candies and the other half in white and sprinkled orange sprinkles on them for texture.  I put them on books covered in faux bois paper.  

Finally for the favors I made a play on the drink Izze by asking "Is he finally a doctor?".  

It was really fun to put together - and of course would work for a Gator football party too.  

Go Gators! jessica


  1. Good job! It's nice to see a guy party!

  2. Good work! I'm working on my husband's graduation too! So hard to find the right thing. His graduation spans two days, and family is coming from out of town. Trying to think of it like a "destination wedding" with plenty to keep everyone busy!

  3. Looks so great! Love the cake, it's fabulous!

  4. It was definitely a party to remember, we are all so proud of him!!!!

  5. That gator cake is SOOOO cool! I bet everyone loved it.

  6. Love the Gator cake! My older brother is a "Gator" grad too.

  7. Great display, I love reading your tutorials! I was quite pleasantly surprised to see a gator celebration, being a graduate myself! Thanks for all of the wonderful inspirations and GO GATORS!

  8. Where did you find such a perfect table cloth?


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