Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Estate of Mind

Have you ever been to an Estate sale? There was a time that I wouldn’t have even considered going to them. I felt that the word “Estate” implied “Expensive”; which at times it can, but what the word really means is “All of household items for sale”. I recently started going to a few that were advertised in the paper while I was in town after dropping the twins at Preschool. Sometimes I would see nothing that I wanted or was willing to pay a large sum for, but sometimes I would find some gems.
Let me show you what beauties I found this past Friday.
(I apologize for the picture placement, Internet Explorer and I are having a tiff)

Look at this HUGE sewing box filled with all of these treasures. There were so many unopened packages of stretch lace in a variety of colors and several packages of Hem facing, along with a fantastic bag filled with vintage buttons. There were also two hand crocheted pin cushions, pins, tailors chalk, grosgrain ribbon, thread and several sewing items. I don’t even know what I am going to do with the stretch lace, but WOW, what a treasure trove! I only paid $10 for the whole Kit-n-Kaboodle. That is less then what a new sewing box would cost, and I REALLY needed a new sewing box.
And take a look at these little vintage lovelies.

 6 yards of this posey lace,

4 yards each of these black laces and

7 yards of this embroidered linen.

The posey lace is my favorite of all these and they are each 6 inches wide, and the linen is 8 inches wide. I have NO idea what I will do with them yet, but they were too pretty to leave behind.
And then I found this.

No, it is not a table cloth. It is 6 ½ yards of 36 inch wide lace. It is delicate and soft and the edging is so lovely. I can imagine so many clothing options for this piece. Now, let me tell you the best part. I found all of the above lace in a room with a sign that said, “Fill a box for $5”. Yes Ma’am! I purchased all of that beautiful vintage yardage for five smackers. I also added a few other things to the box as well, so think 20 items. That is 25 cents and item. I KNOW, right?

Giddy with excitement, I strutted my way to the cashier to pay for my treasures, when I spied these.

Look at those delicious colors! This is a set of eight aluminum tumblers and an aluminum pitcher (which I have NEVER seen before). I have such fond childhood memories of using these rich hued tumblers when we would go camping in the mountains. I HAD to have them. They are such a wonderful outdoor serving set for sipping tea on our porch in the summer evenings. They were a splurge at $20, but even that is a great deal for these precious pearls from the past.
Now I realize that my purchases do not compare to Jessica’s Farmer and Flea finds, but I bought something that I needed, something that was a fantastic deal, and something that provided great memories, rich color, and fun to outdoor dining. I am happy with my $35 purchase.
Have you found some amazing things at an estate sale or yard sale? I encourage you to take a jaunt through an estate sale if you have never been. It takes very little of your time, but you may uncover some amazing treasures. And sometimes. . . items are marked 50% off the following day. . . Happy Tuesday!


  1. I have some of that hem facing that I need to figure out what to do with as well. Be sure to post what you end up doing with all of that lovely stuff. What a bargain, lucky lucky! I also love the tumbler and pitcher set. Very cool!

  2. Shannon - I am IN LOVE with those tumblers and pitcher. What a great find! Watch out next time I visit...they might find their way into my suitcase....

  3. I keep forgetting Shannon is posting and I always get soooo confused for a second when I read, "my Miranda" or "dropping the twins off at preschoool"! LOL. You have inspired me to check out Estate sales!


  4. Can we PLEASE have a camping trip/reunion soon and use those awesome tumblers??? I call the orange one! Great post! I love a good bargain, especially when it's vintage!

  5. I remember the tumblers, too...what a great find! And the lace...oh my! It is gorgeous! ♥

  6. What a score! I remember the tumblers from my childhood. I bought reproductions at Urban Outfitters a few years ago because of childhood memories. I'm sure I paid $6.each so I only bought four. I have never seen a pitcher before.

  7. Ok, I am seriously freaking out (I was talking out loud to your post).

    #1. Holy Smokes! What awesome finds!!! I am green with envy---seriously you scored awesome stuff.
    #2. I've never been to an estate sale but now I totally want to go to one.
    #3. Those aluminum tumblers were a still a great deal at $20. My grandma had those as a kid and a few months back my mom and I found some at a road side antique store. She paid $6 a piece for them and they weren't in such super condition.
    #4. Also, those tumblers are the best thing in the world to drink ice water out of. I swear it tastes better and colder.

    There's more I could spaz out about but I won't...I'll just be jealous.


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