Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning Update

I've been playing along with Ask Anna...'s Spring Cleaning Challenge.  I have to admit - it's been kinda hard but totally rewarding.  Here are a few pics from my cleaning adventures.

I cleaned all my windows using hot soapy water and a squeegee:

I dusted all of my vents:

I washed my drapes:

I cleaned my floors ( I scrubbed the corners with a toothbrush and everything...)

Wiped down my walls, cabinets, and doors
(yuck!  how did they get so dirty?!)
much better :)

Cleaned out and organized my freezer/frig (don't worry I did buy food yesterday...):

Dusted everything in my house - including the insides of my cabinets:

Just a few more days to go!  My house really looks great!  
Have you been spring cleaning?


  1. You are kicking butt! Great job! I love all of the before and after pictures. :)


  2. Golly, no - all I do is sewing... hehe! But your house would be lovely to sew in now, I'm sure.


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