Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ideas please, and Spring Cleaning.

Hey friends - two things:
first - my husband is graduating with his Doctorate in Audiology on April 29th (finally!!!)  Of course we are going to throw him a big party.  In case you're unfamiliar with the term, Audiology is the profession of hearing and balance.  So I wanted to do some things at the party that were related to that, but not tacky.  So can you think of any ear...hearing...balance things?  Cake ideas, decor, favors?  He's graduating from the University of Florida so I have that to work with too - I would love to have your input.


second - today is the first day of Spring Cleaning over at Ask Anna...go check it out.  It's a two week long linky party and if you link up every completed cleaning project you are entered to win a prize!  I don't know about you, but I always need motivation to clean.  So that's what I'm thinking about today. 


  1. Go gators! I recently moved to DC and miss g'ville a little :). How about something tightrope walking related? In orange and blue of course.

  2. What about making a mock up of Dr. Broyles Business card, but it reflect his graduation date, the college, the degree? Then a little line about "ringing in the ears" and have a tiny bell (bought in bulk from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc . .. )attached to the card. I will keep working on it. That was just off the cuff without pondering ;o)

  3. Hear ye, hear ye. Ryan is a Doctor of Audiology! Ok, cheesy. But his name means king, right? I will have to think of some stuff this week- so excited and can't wait to see you all!

  4. Ask everyone invited to write their favourite ear, hearing, doctor joke. And frame soem of the favourites around the room.
    Lots of sweetcorn - ears.
    balance boards
    Set up an obstacle course and then hand out a business card at the end. Business for your husband and fun for the guests

  5. I think cupcakes with ears on the sides would be precious!!!!

  6. Great ideas!! Shannon I love the bell idea - and Lori that is a GREAT idea for the cupcakes!

  7. I would use a phonograph as the main "symbol" of the party, kind of a throwback to what people used to hear music and whatnot in the "olden days"! Here's a link of a pic I found:
    Great ideas though, and hopefully you'll have a perfect day! Congrats to your hubby!


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