Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family Fashion Week Day 3 - Anthropologie Bracelet for Mommy

Welcome to day 3 of Family Fashion Week!  
Today we are making an Anthropologie copycat bracelet for you.

 I was inspired by the Tres Flores bracelet at Anthropologie.

I know theirs is a brassy color, but I could not find any beads in that color that were pretty. 
So I went with silver. 
Anthro's version cost $158.00. 
Mine cost about $15.00.  A savings of  $143.00 - woo hoo!!

Here's what you'll need to make your own!

Lobster claw clasp
Jump rings

Filigree Beads

Scrap pieces of blue fabric, orange tulle, pink yarn
Jewelry Pin with head
Pearl bead
Small pliers

Step 1:  Connect your beads. You will be making 3 rows of beads - I ended up linking two jump rings in between each bead because I liked the movement it gave the bracelet.  If you buy oval jump rings, you probably will not need to do this. 

Step 2:  Once you have completed all 3 rows,
 you will need to connect them to the spacers.

Start with the middle row and connect one jump ring to the last bead and the middle hole of the spacer.

Repeat this with the other two rows, and then again on the other end with another spacer.

Step 3:  Using a jump ring, connect the lobster clasp to the middle ring in the spacer.
On the other side, simply connect a jump ring to the middle ring in the spacer.

Step 4:  Make the flowers.  Cut a small flower out of blue fabric.  Insert the pin through the pearl bead, then push it through the center of the fabric flower.

Make two pom poms.  One out of orange tulle and one out of pink yarn.  Just wrap the yarn/fabric around one finger a few times.  Slide it off your finger and tie a piece across the center of the loops.  Snip the loops so they poof out, making a pom pom.  Wrap wire around the center of each, and twist the wire securely.

Step 5:  Attach the flowers to the bracelet.  The blue flower connects to two beads on two different strands - the center strand and the right strand.  Insert the pin into one bead and then through a second one.  Twist the pin into a loop to secure it.
The orange flower then goes onto a bead on the left strand - a little below the blue flower.  Insert the wire into the holes on a bead and twist it on the back to secure it.

Repeat with the pink pom pom - but it goes on a bead on the center strand.  Once they are all attached it should look like this:
Now don your lovely bracelet and smile knowing you made it for less!


  1. It turned out so Great!!! YAY! Awesome job!!!

  2. Love this Jessica!! It's a great knockoff!!

  3. Wonderful! I love the thrifty version better!

  4. ...and since i like silver better, i like yours much better! :) found you at flamingo toes

  5. Reallly cute--and so cheap to make!

  6. Very nice, I know your mom loved it!

  7. Featured you today Jessica!!! ;) Thanks for linking up!!


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