Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Most Popular Posts

Hello friends!  Today I have the 10 posts that have been viewed the most in my year-long blogging life.  
Have fun reminiscing with me.  Which one was your favorite?

This was my first tutorial - and I think it's been so popular because there aren't very many tutorials on that.  
I made it for Ryan to wear to an Indian wedding reception.

I made this quilt for Charlotte's big girl room 
- it was right after her birthday party, which was woodland themed.

This was a birthday gift for one of Charlotte's friends, whose mom loves Starbucks as much as I do.

This is my most recent project that climbed very quickly into the top ten.  
I have to say I love it too - and it makes me happy every time I walk past it.

This was a Gap copycat that was very simple to make.  
Aww....isn't she cute?!

This was another thing I created for Charlotte's birthday party.  I decorated with them out on the porch where we had activities and games.  They now hang from the curtains in her bedroom.

This was a really fun project I made with my sweet friend Lydia.  
We made them in an afternoon and it is a NO SEW project (doesn't happen much here).

I made this for our master bed.  It was graciously featured as a guest post on Prudent Baby.
I just loved the original pillow on Anthro - of course you knew I wouldn't buy it.  My husband drew the deer - he has some mad drawing skills that he rarely ever exercises.  We still have it on our couch.
and....the number one post of my year is...
This is so funny to me that it has turned out to be so popular.  My friend Laura (now a photo editor at Parenting magazine) was up visiting for the weekend and she wanted to make a scarf.  We just kind of randomly, haphazardly came up with this little beauty - and it just took off around blogland. 
It's always the thing you least expect 
- maybe it's because I wasn't trying to hard - 
whatever it was I'm glad you all have enjoyed it!

Have you made any of these projects?  Load a pic up to the Flickr pool - I'd LOVE to see what you have made. Have fun wandering around my past posts - remember any comment you leave will enter you to win the Tote Bag!


  1. Oooo! I really want to try some of your creative tutorials soon. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. I HEART #'s 1, 2 ,&7 actually I heart this blog! You do an amazing job putting your idea's together to inspire us! By the way you inspired Jennilyn and I yesterday and she made #7, and took your idea onestep further... make a square pillow and use the circles to make a large circle in the center of the square, in the center of your circle use 3 sets of 3 solid circles to make your circle look like a flower, if that makes sense :o)
    Jessica, you're GREAT!

  3. Ps- I would love to win the bag, but if not I would love to know what fabric's u used...the bag is BEEEautiful, and being in the skirt making mood that I am I think I would really like that print in a skirt :o) Thanks girl!

  4. Everything is so creative. I think that the Anthropologie inspired rosette purse belongs in the top 10 as well, it was gorgeous.

  5. that model in #1 certainly makes my top ten list!

  6. haha. Yay! Perhaps we should collaborate again. xoxo

  7. I absolutely love the color path pillow! Fantastic!

  8. I love number creative and so easy and taught me something new (elastic thread). Can't get better than that! Happy 1 year anniversary!

  9. This is a great recap! Somehow I missed the butterflies one so I am glad it was mentioned here!

  10. I haven't made any of these, but your pictures inspire me to!


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