Thursday, February 3, 2011

C is for Love

....okay actually C is for Chocolate but when you eat this pie, they might as well be the same thing.

*warning* just reading this post may exceed your caloric intake for the day ;)

For some reason, I was craving a really good chocolate pie.  I don't think I've ever had one.  They are always too rich, or not rich enough, or they taste like jello pudding.  You remember that part in Julie and Julia where Julie comes home and is talking about how "when you mix eggs with sugar and butter it will get thick - it is such a comfort" ? She is making some kind of yummy chocolate pie.  I wanted that pie. 

I surfed around online and found this recipe from one of my favorite resources, Saveur.  I adore this magazine - I actually have a very close family friend who works for them - so it makes me love them even more.  Here's their pretty picture of the pie (I found that gooey chocolatey pie is not a cooperative model).

So I headed out to the  store at 7:45 at night to buy yummy ingredients to bake my pie.  This is not calorie free and some may argue that it's not healthy - but here's the thing:  It's made of real ingredients.  Real stuff that your body knows how to metabolize.  No processed junk.

I bought some quality chocolate:

organic eggs:

organic butter:

and mixed them all together

to create this gorgeous pie.  Wow.  It is amazing.  It's not too rich.  It's chocolatey but not too sweet.  Have mercy - I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

(I actually had to restrain myself from having a slice with my coffee this morning).

If you're looking for a delicious treat for Valentine's Day - this is it. 
Even if you don't have a date - this pie will show you a good time.

AND - don't be intimidated by making a pie from scratch.  I am not a baker.  I enjoy cooking - but I enjoy the results of baking.
Here are my tips for baking if you are a non-baker.
  • Bake at a time when you won't be interrupted - when you can concentrate totally on baking.  (For me that was 9:00 on a Tuesday night)
  • Start with a clean kitchen and (mostly) empty dishwasher.  Clean as you go - then you won't have a huge mess at the end.
  • Use quality ingredients.
  • Make your own whipped cream.  It takes about 90 seconds and is waayyy better than cool whip.
  • Take your time, follow the recipe exactly, and have fun!
Happy baking, and seriously - try this pie.  Soooooo good.

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